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Kissy Kissy: Premier Baby Clothing & a Brand Name You Can Trust

Kissy Kissy is a brand name that you can trust when it comes to organic clothing. Known for using 100 percent organic cotton in making their baby clothing line, Kissy Kissy was also the recipient of the Earnie Award for Design Excellence in 2006. This prestigious award was received by the company for the excellence that they have showed in their line of clothing under the Infant Apparel and Baby’s Newborn division. Because of this, you can also expect that Kissy Kissy has an extensive collection for your to choose from when it comes to infant and newborn clothing. The great thing about these clothes is that they have been created with superb attention being paid to innovation, quality, and taste and to every minute detail.
Why They Are the Best
Kissy Kissy is mostly known for putting simplicity right into what makes a baby layette. Using only the sweetest basics with the cutest prints in their baby clothing that are made from the softest cotton, Kissy Kissy provides gowns that are either lined or come with a matching slip as well as a bonnet. They also have such baby accessories in their collection as bibs, booties, blankets, and caps. The best thing that you can note when it comes to Kissy Kissy infant or newborn clothing is that aside from using the finest cotton and seeing to every smallest detail, it can also be seen that their clothes come with conventional and timeless designs as well as beautiful hand embroideries. The exquisiteness of their clothing line is enough to make them heirlooms that deserve to be passed on from generation to generation.
Offering an Organic Cotton Clothing Line
Now, aside from their basic clothing line for infants and newborns, Kissy Kissy also has brought the use of organic cotton into a different sophisticated level that can be seen in their new baby clothing line made from organic cotton. This new brand clothing line offers varieties of items and these include blankets, gowns, hats, playsuits, and bibs among many others. All of the items under this line come in natural ecru color and they can are offered in sizes ranging from premature to 18-24 months. As such, you can expect to really find something for your baby in their clothing line, no matter his size or age.
It’s in the Cotton
Aside from knowing that there will always be something for your baby under the Kissy Kissy clothing collections, it is also best if you are aware of the kind of material that they are using to make your baby so comfortable with their clothing. While you must know that they only use 100 percent Pima cotton, you probably have to know also that this cotton used that brand has been given a certification by the Control Union Certifications in The Netherlands.
Now, the great thing about organic cotton being used in making baby clothing is that this material was grown with just a small amount of effect on the environment. This is because no synthetic fertilizers or toxins were used in growing them and they are also produced without the use of dyes or chemical bleaches. This ensures that any clothing made from organic cotton is allergy free. All these has made the baby layette of this brand among the softest that you can find and you are also certain that the cloth that touches your baby when you don on her a brand of this clothing is pure and won’t irritate her skin.
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